Mother's Make Over Shoot

I had such a blast this weekend doing a makeover shoot for the lovely Fiona.

Fiona is 4 months pregnant with baby number 3 and is also a yoga instructor and Vlogger. She has only ever had professional photos taken of her once before and that was the day of her wedding. So it was my absolute joy to get her into the studio, sit her down for some hair and make up and get her to put on the clothes she feels her best in - a mix of bright colours, super glam dresses and her casual yoga gear! - and put her in front of my lens.

Make up was done by the amazingly talented Sarah of The Studio Dublin who has recently opened up her own studio in Rathgar. 

The images we got at the end of the shoot speak to the amount of fun we had on the day. Watch the video to see a little glimpse of what went down!

And finally, a little before and after. Beautiful in her natural, fresh state and beautiful after a little make up and direction in front of the camera!