Girl's First Birthday Shoot

I love doing first birthday shoots because they are such a milestone in every parents' lives. You made it! A whole year!

It's so fun to see these babies because it really just goes to show how different they all are. Some are standing by themselves while others still need the help of mom and dad. Some are walking by themselves while others love nothing more than running away from me and my camera. Some are full of smiles and giggles and others are a little more shy and reserved. 

This little girl graced my studio when she was 10 months old for her first ever Christmas portraits and it was so lovely to have her back for her first birthday shoot and see how much she had changed in just a few short weeks! 

It was even more lovely because her parents brought with them all of these beautiful props for the shoot including an upcycled rocking chair made for her especially by her grandmother when she was born. I love when parents bring sentimental items because not only does it help make the portrait all the more unique and special - but it helps to capture things like height for future comparison too.

Already looking forward to having this beautiful girl back in the studio with her parents for many future occasions! 

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