Best Newborn Photographer: How To Find The Perfect One For you

Newborn photographers have really taken off over the last few years. Family portraits have been big in Ireland since the 1990s - there's hardly a home you walk into that doesn't have those framed portaits smiling down at you from the stairwell or living room walls. In fact, myself and my two sisters have been immortalised on the walls of my parents' house at that beautiful age where I haven't quite grown into my nose and I somehow think a faux leather jacket with a faux fur collar and big metal zips is the height of style. But clothing dos and donts are for another post! Luckily as time has moved on, family portraiture styles have evolved too. More recently, there has been a rise in the number of people who are hiring specialist photographers for their portraits. 

So how do you choose the best newborn photographer for you? 

Hiring someone to take photographs of your babies is nothing new - just look at Anne Geddes who's first famous newborn photograph dates all the way back to 1990. For the past decade, the trend of newborn and baby photography has grown seriously popular in the USA and in Australia. Lately, we're seeing more and more newborn photographers here in Ireland too. People are starting to realise the value of having their precious newborns photographed because babies grow up way too fast. (Or not fast enough depending who you're talking to and how much sleep they've had the night before!).

When I started taking newborn photographs 3 years ago, there were far less of us travelling to people's houses to take portraits in the comfort of your home then there are today. The fact that there are so many more photographers available is wonderful - after all there are over 60,000 babies born every year in Ireland. The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin delivers about 9,000 of those. I love being a baby photographer in Dublin! But with more and more to choose from, it can be daunting to know how to find the best newborn photographer. 

Since it's not just a matter of supply anymore, there is now the style of images that needs to be taken into consideration. Not everyone wants their baby posed as a cabbage patch doll or easter bunny when they're 7 days old. So with more and more newborn photographers in Dublin, that means you can been more selective about the photographer you hire to capture those precious memories for you in a style that reflects your taste.

So, if you're pregnant and considering hiring a newborn photographer - below are some tips from me on what you should be considering before you finalise your booking.

How to Select the Best Newborn Photographer For You

  • Style. Do they take images that reflect your personal taste? Are you looking for a posed setup of your newborn? Or maybe you're more interested in relaxed, lifestyle portraits. Make sure you brown through the galleries of every newborn photographer you're interested in and see if you connect with the style of their art.

Example of Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Example of Posed Newborn Photography


  • Set up. Do they have a studio that you need to travel to or do they come to your house for the photography session? Some people love the idea of staying home, especially in those early days after labour, where they can be relaxed. Other people prefer to travel to a studio that's already set up and ready to go when they arrive. Consider what would make you feel most at ease and then make sure your newborn photographer offers that service.
  • Products and Pricing. As with any business, newborn photographers come with a wide range of prices. Look beyond the session fee and see what products are on offer. Are products included in the price you pay upfront or do you need to set aside extra to purchase that perfect print or photo book? Consider your budget and make sure you communicate clearly with your photographer so you know exactly what's on offer. 
  • Safety. It can be easy to get wrapped up in browsing the thousands of cute images on Pinterest of newborns posed in froggy poses and hanging from tress. But did you know that in order for those babies to be safe the image actually needs to be a composite? I've seen some startling videos online of people putting babies into the froggy pose unassisted - this is actually not safe for the baby and can hurt them. It's always good to discuss with your newborn photographer ahead of your session how they achieve their images and what precautions they take when photographing babies.   
  • And finally, if you're totally confused on who you should hire it's always good to fall back on recommendations. Have you had any friends who've worked with a newborn photographer? Do they have client testimonials on their website that you can browse? It helps to put your mind at ease if you know someone who can highly recommend a newborn photographer. 

Remember, you should always be able to have an open and honest conversation with your newborn photographer. Any questions that you have they should be more than happy to discuss with you to help put your mind at ease before you book your newborn portrait session with them.

Good luck finding the best newborn photographer for you! If you think it might be me, please email me on and I'd be thrilled to chat with you about it all.