Baby Update: Baby G is O N E!

How did this happen?? My little baby girl turned one two weeks ago. I’m sorry for the delay in the update but between the emotional build up to her birthday and then her getting sick I’ve barely had the time.

My sweet little baby is a whole year old. I can’t believe it. She’s starting to stretch out and is looking so grown up. Her face is changing quickly too. Most mornings I look at her and notice something slightly different than the night before. Her hair is getting fluffier too. She really is sprinting towards the toddler phase.

To celebrate her birthday we had a little family gathering at the house – we got balloons and bunting and cake. She had the best day and so did I! It went by too fast and looking back on it I kind of feel like i was so busy rushing around making sure everyone had cake and Baby G was happy that I missed some of it. I also organised a photoshoot with some of her baby friends to mark the special occasion. I'll update you on that when I can because we've something big in the mix going on for that.

Weight: 8kgs or 17lbs 10 oz (wow! 10lbs more than when she was born!)

Feeding: We have been successfully down to 2 feeds a day – first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. She got really sick on her actual birthday though (how unfair is that!) so we went back to feeding on demand for about 5 days. But once she recovered we got back to two feeds and just these last 2 days she’s only had a morning feed. She isn’t looking for evening feeds – she really is weaning herself.

Sleeping: Oh, sweet joy, it’s happened. My baby is finally FINALLY sleeping through the night. I can’t believe it. For a whole 6 weeks now we’ve put her down to bed around 7.30pm and she wakes around 6.30/7am the next day. Sometimes if we’re moving around upstairs she’ll stir. But she mostly just falls right back to sleep. I did it!! I got her to sleep through the night before she turned a year old!!

Routine: Our routine is pretty easy these days. When she wakes up she has a milk feed and then we go downstairs for breakfast. She usually takes a nap for 40 minutes around 10am. Lunch is at noon and then she’s ready for another nap by about 1/1.30pm. She’ll have a bit of a snack around 4 and some days she’ll have another nap after but now she’s pretty much stretching from her earlier nap to bedtime. Bedtime is anywhere from 6.30pm-7.30pm depending on her naps for the day. If we’ve been out and about a lot, she’s usually ready for bed at the earlier time.


  • She took her first step!!! She pulled herself up with the couch, let go, turned around and took a step!! She promptly fell over…but she did it! She’s done it once since – but I put her 9 days of illness down as the barrier to her mastering the skill. She’s really ready to go now!
  • She’s climbing! She’d never shown any interest in the stairs really but the other week she took off and climbed the whole lot! We were right behind her obviously and that was the day we finally installed the stair gate. She’s a determined little thing!
  • She’s talking more. She knows now that we’re momma and dada. She has also started saying “what’s that?”, “yes” and “what’s this?”. She’s so good at communicating.
  • She has started associating sounds with things. Last month she mimicked clocks, but we’ve taught her that cows say “moo” and she smacks her lips to blow us kisses. She also opens her mouth when you say the word kiss too – it’s so sweet!
  • She’s developed some serious arm dance moves. I can’t describe them. She opens her arms right up and just bends them at the elbow repeatedly out of rhythm. It is the cutest thing.

Likes/Dislikes: Still loves music. She dances and sings along. She goes looking for it now, particularly from one musical book she has.

Still loving books. She repeatedly asks “what’s that?” and points at them and flips the pages open and closed. You could leave her alone in a room full of toys and if there’s a leaflet or anything in sight she’ll be straight over to open it, examine it and talk to it.

She loves her front facing seat in my sister's car! She looks so grown up in it too and is all chuffed with herself being a big girl. She’s going to stay rear facing in our car though, but every now and again she gets to have front facing adventures.

She isn’t a big fan of direct sunlight. I think she’s inherited my sensitive eyes. Mr G never wears sunglasses but I can’t really drive on a bright day without them. She seems to take after me. If the sun is directly on her face she isn’t happy. i bought her some sunglasses which she seems intrigued by, but she keeps pulling them off and I think that might be a safety hazard so….we’ll see.

She is starting to show a little bit of a dislike to certain foods, but overall she’s still a great eater.

I think overall we’re in a good phase at the moment. She’s lovely and bright most days – though I think she’s just happy to be over the tonsillitis.

That’s it for my one year update! Hope you’re all keeping well.

Baby G turns one