Babies First Birthdays Make the Cover of the Irish Times!

When I had my first child, I joined a local breastfeeding support group. It was a place that I could go every week to get the baby weighed and meet other new mothers. I was so nervous the first time I went to the group I brought my sister and her 9 month old baby along with me for moral support. But the group quickly became a life line for me as I started making new friends.

Within 6 months, we no longer needed to attend the group given that our babies were getting so big and some of us were returning to work. We had already signed up to baby swim classes together so we continued our regular meet ups. Our babies are all born within 2 weeks of each other and have been around each other since they were less than a month old. 

For their first halloween, just 7 months old, we posed them one day on a couch in a cafe after swimming class. Since then, we regularly take group shots of them and already I can hardly believe how much they've grown up!

 Babies' First Halloween - 2015

Babies' First Halloween - 2015

First Birthday Cupcake Smash

So naturally, when their first birthdays were approaching we decided we had to do something fun to celebrate and we decided that a cupcake smash was in order! It was such a fun day - though trying to get 5 babies to stay put when cake and sugar was involved was no easy feat I can tell you! But we're all so delighted with how the images turned out and I know I'm going to look back on these for years to come and be so thankful we did it.

irish times babies first birthdays

A journalist heard about our story - the connection we made through our local HSE group and the birthday shoot we arranged - and decided to run a feature on us in the Irish Times. Imagine my surprise today when I went to buy a copy only to find the photos of our babies on the cover of the Health Section!! I'm going to frame that for Baby G :)

So thankful for this group of women that have grown up with me since having our first babies! Can't wait to see what we do for next year's birthday shoot. 



If you're a new mother and looking for a support group, head over to the HSE Breastfeeding website and search for your local group.

babies first birhdays cake smash