GDPR Compliancy & Privacy Policy

I'm sure you've all been inundated with emails these past few weeks as everyone gears up for the GDPR to come into effect. Today, May 25th 2018, all businesses must be GDPR compliant.

I am taking it seriously as a small business owner who takes photographs of you and your family. Therefore, I have implemented a new GDPR privacy policy which you can read in detail here.

What is GDPR?  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) very significantly increases the obligations and responsibilities for organisations and businesses in how they collect, use and protect personal data. At the centre of the new law is the requirement for organisations and businesses to be fully transparent about how they are using and safeguarding personal data, and to be able to demonstrate accountability for their data processing activities.

It will give greater control to individuals over their personal data by setting out additional and more clearly defined rights for individuals whose personal data is collected and processed by organisations and businesses.

For more information on GDPR, what it is and how it affects you - visit 

I promise to only ever use your information or images in a way that is fair and in legitimate interest of my business.

If at any stage you would like to discuss anything to do with your contact information, the use of your photographs on my website or how I store your data, please send me an email on


Boy's First Birthday Shoot

It has been a fun few weeks of first birthday shoots at the studio! I jumped at the chance to photograph this gorgeous boy and his curls when his mom called me about a Star Wars themed first birthday shoot.

He was such a sweet little baby who was scooching himself around the floor throughout the whole session. As soon as we set up some of the props he'd knock them down and have us laughing. These one year old's always keep me on my toes! 

I love how creative his parents are - they blog over at 2NerdsAndABaby where they provide tips and stories for first time parents. They brought so many props with them - everything from superheroes to a cardboard cut out of Yoda that they keep proudly displayed in their home. We spent an hour chasing after little Oscar and had so much fun.

Soon after his session he had his first hair cut and it's amazing what a difference it makes! He went from being a curly haired baby to a little boy overnight. I'm so glad they asked me to capture portraits for his first birthday.

If you're thinking of booking a birthday shoot for your kids and want to talk through ideas and possibilities then please contact me or mail me on

Girl's First Birthday Shoot

I love doing first birthday shoots because they are such a milestone in every parents' lives. You made it! A whole year!

It's so fun to see these babies because it really just goes to show how different they all are. Some are standing by themselves while others still need the help of mom and dad. Some are walking by themselves while others love nothing more than running away from me and my camera. Some are full of smiles and giggles and others are a little more shy and reserved. 

This little girl graced my studio when she was 10 months old for her first ever Christmas portraits and it was so lovely to have her back for her first birthday shoot and see how much she had changed in just a few short weeks! 

It was even more lovely because her parents brought with them all of these beautiful props for the shoot including an upcycled rocking chair made for her especially by her grandmother when she was born. I love when parents bring sentimental items because not only does it help make the portrait all the more unique and special - but it helps to capture things like height for future comparison too.

Already looking forward to having this beautiful girl back in the studio with her parents for many future occasions! 

If you're thinking about booking a first birthday shoot then please contact me or email on

Mother's Day 2018

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of January already. In some ways it feels like forever since Christmas yet in others it feels like the year is just racing ahead.

Mother's day is only 4 short weeks ahead. This holiday has taken on a whole new meaning for me since becoming a mother 4 years ago myself. My children are my absolute world - but it's so true how much you can lose sight of who you used to be or you currently are when your day constantly revolves around meeting other people's needs before your own.

One of the things that absolutely breaks my heart is how many women shy away from the camera when they come to me for family pictures. Too often they only want images of their children or they spend their time telling me how terrible or tired they look.

I get it. It's exhausting. But we have to remember that we ARE somebody's everything and the job we're doing is hard but worth it. One day you'll want to look back at your family photos and remember who you were and how hard you worked for your family.

When I had my daughter's first birthday portrait taken, I spent the days leading up to it making sure she had the right clothes and that my husband's clothes were somewhat presentable and matching in colours. On the day of the shoot of course it was a big rush and we arrived at the studio and I felt an absolute state with messy hair and rushed make up. I remember feeling disappointed that the photographer barely knew our names and spent 30 minutes taking photos before cutting off the session. When we went back for our reveal, I felt horrible about myself but I bought the images anyway.

I decided then and there to make these sessions as easy and stress free as possible. By offering hair and make up and time for you to get ready and relax, you're guaranteed to not only enjoy the experience but end up with images that you feel beautiful in and are proud of! We do your make up the way you like it done so you still recognise the woman that you are.

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Why not give the gift of a styled photo session to your mother this year? Treat yourself and your family to a legacy of portraits and experience an unforgettable day out together. We'll do your hair and make up and you'll get to choose from a selection of outfits on the day so you don't have to settle for just one look. Want some black tie images mixed with comfy casual shots? 

Someday these photos will be your most treasured possessions. Let me help you create your dream portraits.

Session fees are €150 and include hair and make up.

Mail me on or call me on 087 610 3505 for more information.

I can't wait to photograph you!

Mother's Make Over Shoot

I had such a blast this weekend doing a makeover shoot for the lovely Fiona.

Fiona is 4 months pregnant with baby number 3 and is also a yoga instructor and Vlogger. She has only ever had professional photos taken of her once before and that was the day of her wedding. So it was my absolute joy to get her into the studio, sit her down for some hair and make up and get her to put on the clothes she feels her best in - a mix of bright colours, super glam dresses and her casual yoga gear! - and put her in front of my lens.

Make up was done by the amazingly talented Sarah of The Studio Dublin who has recently opened up her own studio in Rathgar. 

The images we got at the end of the shoot speak to the amount of fun we had on the day. Watch the video to see a little glimpse of what went down!

And finally, a little before and after. Beautiful in her natural, fresh state and beautiful after a little make up and direction in front of the camera! 


Mother / Daughter Make Over Shoot

It is always so much fun when you get a group of women in the studio who can sit around chatting, trying on clothes and getting their hair and make up done. Throw a 4 year old kid into the mix and magic happens! This little beauty brought her own supply of nail varnishes for the occasion (I'm pretty sure she had every colour possibly ever made) and watched on in excitement as her mother was treated to a make over.

We stuck the radio on and had ourselves a lovely little dance party before settling into a beautiful photo shoot.

Watch the video to see the results of the day. I absolutely love love love capturing people's connections on camera. 

If you think you'd like to experience a mother daughter shoot with me please contact me on for more information.

Starting off 2018 with a bang!

I've been working as a photographer for almost 4 years now. Time is really flying past! It's been hard to juggle everything - being a mom and wife first and wanting to start my own business second. Why is it that we get our best ideas when we're our most stretched? With 2 kids not yet in school and next to no sleep, you would think I would give myself a break. But photography is something that I'm just drawn to and it's what keeps me going. I'm happiest when I'm documenting people with my lens - whether it's my people or the lovely clients I've had the pleasure of working with over the past few years.

But I haven't always been able to commit myself to the business as much as I've wanted. There have been ups and downs and major life distractions (not to mention our growing family!). But these past six months in particular I feel like I've been overflowing with ideas of where I want to go. I wrote down a list of business goals for 2018 in October of last year and one by one I'm working my way towards them.

One of my first goals for 2018 was to apply to be accepted as a member of the IPPA. To have my work reviewed by industry giants and accepted as a high enough standard was my goal. Only I couldn't find the time to pull together a portfolio because I was so busy with clients in the lead up to Christmas! So on January 1st, I finally sat down and pulled together a sample of images that I felt represented my best work and I filled in the application and hit send. I quickly tried to forget all about it.

Today, I'm absolutely DELIGHTED to let you know that I've been accepted to the IPPA. I am now an accredited member and as such will be head to the industry Best Business Practices and Code of Conduct.

2018 is on track to be the best year yet for Nessa Robinson Photography - and I cannot wait to start making all of the other things fall into place and share them with you here soon.